photos by jennifer skura unless otherwise credited






    They Know Not

    Booger Girl

    Pirate – NEWvember Play Festival, Dixon Place, bareNaked, Tangent (Readings)

    Off A Bridge – Dixon Place, (Reading)

    A Mad Woman’s Breakfast – D3C, Tangent, Howl Playwrights (Reading)

    Three Day Harbor 

    Failure to thrive.

    Exotic Animals 

    Live and Let Doug





    It All Starts at the Bottom of Little Lettuce (Published The Pitkin Review, Fall 2019)


    A Loose Cat – Dixon Place, (Reading)

    STARR – Roger Smith Arts, (Adapted from Barry Gifford’s “Room 584, The Starr Hotel”) 

    Sweet Citrus – Sam French Short Play Festival, 92nd Street Y, BRIC Arts, WCSU 

    Joseph and Mrs. M – BRIC Arts 

    Amarillo – BRIC Arts, HOWL Playwrights (Reading)

    On the A 


    One Day Harbor – Half Moon Howl, (Reading)

    Everything Else – The Cherry Lane; TAOA, (Reading)



    SCREENPLAYS (Shorts)


    Discipline - PRE-PROD., Jeremiah Kipp

    High Privacy 

    Everything Else - PRE-PROD., Barefoot

    Citrus - Cup O’Meat Productions

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